Leveraging expertise

The Saratoga Ventures team brings together a wide range of expertise in medical devices, medicine, venture finance, business development, client relations, start-up operations management, and fund administration. To leverage that expertise, we've invested in the life sciences industry, with a focus on medical devices. The complementary skills and backgrounds of our fund partners have made Saratoga Ventures more successful in finding new opportunities, and in making decisions on investment and allocation.

Reaping the rewards

Our emphasis on early-stage investments in medical devices provides investors with opportunities in a sector with an appealing risk/reward ratio. Since 1997, Saratoga Ventures has made over 40 investments in 26 companies, through a series of funds, and across an array of medical device technologies.

Strategy for success

Our strategy is to identify highly promising startup companies that fit as acquisitions into the portfolios of major medical device companies. We then pursue co-investment with the most prominent venture capital firms. Typically Saratoga Ventures stays closely involved with the companies we invest in, even serving on the board to oversee development—helping to turn promising products and technologies into successful companies.